• From mountains to roads, offroad to racetrack, Haibike™ electric bikes help you stay ahead of the pack on any terrain. With an industry leading Bosch electric drive system and top of the line bike components, they dominate trails with ease.

    Haibike™ electric bikes have won numerous awards for their superior performance and design, including the iF Design Award and ENDURO Mountain Bike Magazine's Design and Innovation Award. Haibike™ offers the largest and most comprehensive electric mountain bike lineup in the industry, and offers performance and handling that is unrivalled.

  • Start enjoying your morning commute on an eFlow electric bike. With quality components, award winning Swiss designs, and powerful motors, an eFlow eBike will give you the stamina to beat the traffic every time, so you always arrive recharged, refreshed, and sweat free!

    The eFlow electric bike brand holds an International Forum Gold Award in Design and Innovation from the 2012 Taipei Cycle Show, and remains the first and only electric bike to receive this prestigious award. Discover eFlow’s high level of quality and dedication to innovation for yourself, because life is too short to be stuck in traffic!

  • Whether you want a time-saving commuter ebike, an electric cargo bike for small errands, or an electric beach cruiser for relaxing rides with friends, the IZIP™ line of eBikes will have the best electric bike for you! IZIP™ offers Currie Tech Electric Bikes’ widest range and variety of eBikes, and is the only brand in the electric bike industry that has a bike for every kind of rider.

    Backed by a nation-wide network of knowledgeable electric bike dealers and service centers, award winning designs, and a legacy of rider satisfaction, IZIP™ electric bikes will make you fall in love with cycling again!